We've got Sanuk Sandals

Sanuk Sandals - Make your feet Smile!

Sanuk's, which means "Fun & Happiness" in Thai, are as much about Funk as they are about function. This sandal for men, women and kids are a new favorite to Oakies. The unconstructed, soft and flexible footbed allows your feet to move in a natural motion that strengthens your feet, enhancing your balance and performance. You can find your own unique style by choosing which material you like. The yoga mat or beer cozy footbed may be an interest to your daily activities.

If you don't always like wearing sandals or maybe you have ugly toes, you can check out the sandal surfers. The sandal surfers have an enclosed upper area but still have that comfortable sandal bottom and footbed. Don't want to wear socks? Your covered too! The sandal surfers are made with a unique AEGIS microbe shield material. AEGIS will protect against odor, staining, and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms. They will make your feet feel happy and clean.

So come join the fun and get some Sanuk's. SMILE... pass it on!